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Best dentist and at home teeth whitening treatments 2019

Table Of Contents

  1. The benefits of a pearly white smile 1
  2. How do people get that perfect smile 2
  3. Types of home teeth whitening treatments, and there pros and cons 2
  4. Whitening Strips 2
  5. Gels and trays 3
  6. Whitening toothpaste 3
  7. LED whitening kits 3
  8. Other treatments 4
  9. In house Dental teeth whitening procedures pros, cons and costs 4
  10. Zoom teeth whitening 4
  11. Gel and trays 5
  12. The best teeth whitening services in Stoke On Trent 6
  13. FINAL 8
  14. Author Biography 8
  15. Relevant links, cited resources and other useful medical sites. 8

The benefits of a pearly white smile

So if you are reading this article, you have made the decision to probably have some teeth whitening done. This article will help you make the right choice for your health when discussing the treatments with your dentist. Dentist have a duty of care for their patients, and they will be able to give you a proper appraisal of your teeth and gums and if you are a viable candidate for the treatment. The facts and data here is taken from authority sites and services such as the NHS, Care Quality Commission and will be cited when it is.  Always remember that your health is so important, and hopefully with article will help guide to making the right choice when speaking to your dentist so you can have that perfect gleaming smile.
Today's society puts so much emphasis on your appearance, so that’s one of the reasons teeth whitening procedures especially laser, Zoom, gel and strip whitening has become a mainstay of treatments for dental practices all over the UK and world wide.  With social media making people constantly and instantly on show, people are under even more pressure to look good. 
There is a saying in the UK ‘ smile, and the whole world smiles with you ‘.  This really is true.  We as people can not help reacting positively to a smiling, energetic and positive person in most situations.  Try to think of the times you have been low in mood or say had an argument, and all of a sudden after the quick appearance of a friend or even a stranger with positive words and manner all topped off with a booming smile with gleaming white teeth on show, honestly how did you react?  I’d put a wager on that you responded with a smile and some cheerful words back.  It’s just a sub concious reaction.  Part of our social training.  But at the crux of that situation was that gleaming smile.  Perfect teeth all on show does just bring out a similar reaction in us. 

How do people get that perfect smile

So how do these infectious people get such a good bright smile?  The answer is teeth whitening of some description, and there are so  many treatments and procedures available today that it really is a buyers market. So let us quickly cover the main treatments available, both at home treatments as well as the options being offered by dentist themselves.  We will also cover the rules and legislation surrounding what you can use at home and at the dentist, and why there is such a big gap between strengths and time needed to get those super pearly whites. For those of you who have a strong belief in homoeopathic treatments, we have given an overview what is widely know as natural treatments, although these are not backed up with any scientific research, we are not naive enough to know they are not used so it is better to have the information so you can make the best decision for your personal health.  What you will see is that some styles will be available from both at home and in dental practices, but when you look at them closely they really are rather different.

Types of home teeth whitening treatments, and there pros and cons

Whitening Strips

These strips have become very popular indeed in recent years, and some have seen really good results.  Simple to use if not the quickest method around, the varying price range can seem a minefield for those not in the know. Having various strengths of peroxide ( we will cover that in a later paragraph, as its so important you get the right legal strength ) they are available from lots of pharmacies and drug stores nationwide.

Gels and trays

You can get these types of trays and gels both from over the counter pharmacies as well as in house treatments from your dentists, but there is a big difference in the strength and so the results and time needed for good results. The best kits are moulded trays to your teeth shape, and then placed in your mouth for around three hours or more and sometimes overnight.  This holds the whitening gel in place to do it bleaching magic.  The dentist own kits are much higher strengths of peroxide, so work much quicker and more effectively.  Yes the price is more but the time saved, ongoing comfort, final results and sterile dental practice surroundings make it a much better option if you can afford it. 

Whitening toothpaste

We have all seen these in the shops and supermarkets.  Every toothpaste make and brand has various options available.  They often contain small abrasive particles to help remove stains, some polishing agents and other bits to more clean and polish your teeth than whitening them.  Cheap and readily available, these are great to keep teeth clean and white especially after you have had a stronger whitening procedure.

LED whitening kits

A newer trend that has been seen among celebrities and more these days.  The LED light itself does not whiten your teeth, its the supporting role it does when combined with peroxides such as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide. The LED increase the strength and rate of whitening when shone on the peroxides. 
A study that was published in the Open Dentistry Journal stated that the use of LED lighting in teeth whitening can be effective to speed up the whitening process.  Combined with carbamide peroxide based whitening agents, LED light has been shown to act as a strong catalyst for speeding up whitening treatments.  Also stating that it makes for a safer experienced when compared to using just UV light whitening techniques. 
Again, available as an at home as well as in house dental procedure, the quality of whitening is greatly increased whilst the time needed as well as the risks involved are reduced when done at your dentists sterile rooms under a trained medical professional with better quality and more powerful equipment.  

Other treatments

Mouthwashes, floss, chewing gum and more products are coming onto the market every day. Just ensure you do your research and speak to your dentist to ensure its a right treatment for you. 
There are also some home remedies available for teeth whitening:

Method - How it works

Baking soda - This is a well know and documented way to improve teeth colouring.  Not tasting very nice, perhaps mix it with some normal toothpaste, and being a little harsh on teeth, perhaps do this on a weekly basis.
Oil pulling - The theory here is that the oil can help get rid of plaque and bacteria, the favourite oils to use are high quality unrefined oils.  A regular treatment as you would mouthwash.  
charcoal - This has been used for many years and has lots of benefits and uses in lots of homoeopathic treatments. When used as a black powder, it is supposed to help fight bacteria and plaque.  There are survival techniques of brushing your teeth with chard sticks when the camp fire has cooled down. 
Veg and Fruit - Use crunchy vegetables to aid in the removal of plaque, and fruit with acids such as strawberries to ex-foliate and remove stains.

mouth and teeth whitening health and safety tips

 In house Dental teeth whitening procedures pros, cons and costs 


Zoom teeth whitening

There are 2 main types of Zoom whitening from the leaders of the market, Philips.  Firstly is their Zoom Quick Pro treatments.  Using new technology to firstly open the teeth pores and allow much better absorbsion of the peroxide ( and remember that the peroxide used by the dentists is much stronger that that of over the counter treatments, up to 6% combined peroxide substances or equivilant as per the UK's General Dental Council regulations, to read more please download their PDF here  ). Not as strong as the next Philips Zoom offering, but for great, quick results for less money, this is a great option.  Your dentist can also give you trays and gel of a higher strength that the over counter to increase effectiveness. Philips Zoom Whitespeed.  Now this is the Rolls Royce of teeth whitening treatments.  It is certainly not cheap, but when you take into account he effectiveness of being able to go up to 8 shades whiter in just a 45 minute visit to your local dental practice, this is a great option. Now add in to the mix that you don’t need to have another treatment for maybe another 5 years and the cost is not prohibitive ( especially if you have a busy work and social life ).  Added after-care whilst you visit your dentist is just one of the many secondary benefits too. 

Gel and trays

As described in the home treatments above, the process is the same, only much stronger and quick.  The quality and strength of the gel used is up to 6% buy UK regulations that we have already spoke about.  After a quick half an hour clean and hygienist appointment with your dentist, he then moulds the trays perfectly to your teeth to ensure the closest snug fit in your mouth and teeth.  Then the gel is applied and let for a while to soak.  A rinse afterwords to remove all the peroxide and if they are stubborn stains the dentist may send you home with the tray and some of the higher power bleaching gel  If you want to do a home tray treatment but want to use the strong gel, you’ll have to visit your dentist for this, but it is available.  Your dentist will go over all the health implications of using these stronger gels, but anyway here is a little helpful advice: These gels are very strong, so much so if not used correctly that can cause lasting damage to your teeth and gums, teeth sensitivity, brittleness, blue of the edges of your teeth and more.  This is another reason that a quick clean and check up by your local dentist ensures you are the right candidate for any teeth whitening procedural.  So with all of the above information taken into account, which treatment route should you choose for yourself?  As we have already said, before any teeth whitening should be undertaken you should visit your dentist for a check up, and good clean and to see if you are a viable candidate for it. Your choice also comes down to a few factors:  So your choice mainly comes down to your budget, how much spare time you have, how much patience you have and how quickly you need to get those pearly white teeth. The main reason so many patients decide to have their whitening done in house by their local dentist, the speed of the treatment as well as taking in to account the quality of the outcome.  We are a high pressure and limited time society, so we do not have spare hours lying around to use home kits.  Spending that little extra ( if more at all when you look at the cost of some of the high street treatments ) to get a premium result in much less time starts to make a lot of sense.  Taking also into account those odd times when things go wrong I personally would rather minimise that risk by knowing that my so important teeth are being cleaned and whitened by a professionally trained dental practitioner in a sterile environment with good after care and excellent customer service.  

The best teeth whitening services in Stoke On Trent, not just Emergency dentist either

So, I suppose this is the final verdict of which to choose, as well as for those impatient readers who have jumped straight to the last paragraph to quickly see which treatment to use and where to have it done ( if that is the case please do read the above as it shows what are the legal regulations and suggests how best to proceed as your health is vitally important ). I think the options are lead by your time and budget.  The smart and safe thing is to have your teeth whitened by a dental professional in under an hour and in that small time get a high quality result first time round.  No need to buy a secondary kit at home because the first kit did not do a proper job.  Or perhaps you had an adverse effect to the home treatment and are not in a sterilised dental practice surrounded by professionals. Remember that whilst having your teeth by a dentist, you get the added bonus of a visual inspection.  Perhaps they will spot that unknown cracked tooth, receding gum line or infection that can be treated before the horrid infection pain or an extraction.Perhaps I am biased, but when you weigh up all the pros and cons it really is obvious which choice of action to take.  Remember your mouth and teeth are so important to look after, so is your smile.  Not just for you, but for the people in the room around you. Be that person who smiles when they walk in to a room, and the whole room smile smiles back. 

UK teeth whitening statistics 

Now let’s look at some rather interesting facts about the state of the teeth whitening industry in the UK, who uses what and so on. For the source of the data, please see the source section at the bottom of the page..

The Official Control Laboratories OCCLs carried out a study in 1028 that found 78% of brush on whiteners and more than 50% of tray based and strip type whitening were non compliant to EU or UK national regulations.

Nearly half of the UKs single adults have had illegal teeth whitening

£40 million , the estimated worth of the UKs teeth whitening industry 
£100 million is spent in the UK per year on whitening products

The worlds teeth whitening industry was valued at $5.56 billion in 2016 with an estimated growth to $7.4 billion by 2024

Whilst whitening toothpaste was accountable for 86.3% of market share, the whitening strips sector was worth almost $900 million. 


Remember, teeth whitening is never permanent, and should not be used a substitute for practising proper oral hygiene. It should be noted that it is possible to overdo teeth whitening, which can result in damaging the enamel of your teeth if done too often. Overall LED light teeth whitening is a solid advancement in at-home treatment, and can be done safely and effectively at a fraction of the cost. 

Author Biography

Richard Bishop, is a keen advocate for all things local dentistry.  Paving the way in ensuring that every patient has access to not only the best dentist for each individual treatments, but also to honest, real, accurate customer reviews and price lists.  

Relevant links, cited resources and other useful medical sites. 

Infographic on teeth whitening health tips    
Care Quality Commission NHS teeth whitening guidelines 
Open Dentistry Journal 
General Dental Council
General Dental Council UK regulations on Teeth whitening PDF
Dental statistics here 

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A helpful video from Philips 

A bit more information from Philips themselves, the market leaders and most often found teeth whitening equipment specialists, you wont go into many dental practices and not see some of Philip's Zoom whitening technology

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